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Election 2020

Democratic Debate 2: Day 1

What to expect on Night 1 of Debates

Democratic Debate 2: Night 1

Immediate reaction, post debate

Democratic Debate 2: Day 2

Post debate commentary, Spin Room Interviews with Rep Tim Ryan, Gov. Steve Bullock, Author Marianne Williamson

Democratic Debate 2: Day 2 Night 2

What to expect of Night 2 of Debates

Gov Jay Inslee

Short interview with Gov Jay Inslee

Spin Room Interviews

Election 2020

Mayor de Blasio says debate brought 'important conversation'

The 2020 presidential candidate said that Democrats must get to the "heart and soul of what this party is about."

Sen. Michael Bennet weighs in on bussing debate

The 2020 presidential candidate from Colorado said that kids all over America "can't access a decent education."

DNC chair talks primary debates

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez explains why addressing pressing issues on the primary debate stage is important.

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang sounds off on Harris and Biden's back and forth exchange

The 2020 presidential candidate said that the "Democrats need to focus on beating Donald Trump in 2020 and not beat each other up."

Voters weigh in on the Democratic candidates' views on criminal justice reform.

Rachael Rollins, a district attorney in Massachusetts, believes candidates should be held accountable for past practices.

Health care takes center stage as key debate topic

The "Medicare-for-All" debate continues to be a hot button topic among the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Largest Arab-American community in US react to Trump

Members of the Arab community in Dearborn, Michigan, discuss how they have dealt with Trump's rhetoric.