November 11, 2019
I sit down with Lynryd Skynyrd to talk all things rock, blues, country, the south, race, and religion! Along with Fredara Hadley to discuss rural politics, black rural politics, and the origin of country and rock music. #RocknRoll #countrymusic #LynyrdSkynrd #blues #politics #TheMikeMuseShow About “The Mike Muse Show” “The Mike Muse Show” sits at the...
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    About The Mike Muse Show

    “The Mike Muse Show” sits at the intersection of Music x Pop Culture x Policy. The show features music and conversation with guests ranging from athletes, entertainers, policy advocates and cultural icons to discuss social issues of the day. The “Mike Muse Show” will air on Sirius XM Satellite Radio on the top rated Insight Channel reaching a potential of our 35 million subscribers.