Las Vegas global tech show celebrates innovation while raising privacy concerns

Well good day everyone technology is now part of all of our lives for good or for bad. And with CES 2019 wrapping up in Las Vegas this Friday this gives us an opportunity to have a conversation about. What we should know and what we should be concerned about since joining us for this conversation. Here in studio New York Mike muse. Politics and pop culture commentator good morning Mike good morning Becky Worley ABC’s tech expert. Had that and that no pressure right breast.

Just so are you end to remain at who got our ABC news reporter. In Los Angeles but who spent. Some days earlier this week in Las Vegas shall tell us about what she saw the highs and lows CES 2019. Some guys are my hey hey Mike Mbeki to start with you tech technology is a part of all of our lives they’re people like me who can barely turn there. Phones in the morning and the other people who who who are really into it. Give us that the landscape about where we are right now in and eventually were transition talk about privacy concerns and security Michael Starr. We’re an exciting time right now we’re in a place where consumers and why things are convenient and we want things Arafat knew one thing right now. We want our car our rice or servicer right immediately and we’re mad we have to wait and we want our food on demand and we want that with the the reservists immediately and is a blizzard snowstorm whatever we still want our ties with.

And so we have what is the conveniences and the amount art this intelligence has created incredible opportunities to make our lives that much more easy and that must more convenient. And that’s resulted in that our lives have drastically changed the way that we talk the way that we communicate. Even the way that even buy food if you do choose to go to a counter where restaurants now are going casts lists and so is this new system of plays. Part of his intelligence has completely changed the landscape. But just not from a products perspective also for social good. I’m also excited for autos and artisans houses can do for good dad.

Says those who have disabilities AI can assist with facilitate. If you’re visibly impaired how we can see things for you if you had difficulty speaking you can talk for you on your behalf right in so. All business technology as fascinating it’s exciting and as for ever changing object in Mecca and tears as he was he about conversational AI. Home man you know what you set me up to be the con on right. Technology. And intelligent commuting commute computing is bringing to a ladder because it always it’s any consequences are when you’re talking about privacy buyer and now we have to realize that in order to have and always on connected lifestyle.

All of our devices need to know everything about last and there’s not a human in my opinion. Who has not been impacted by one of these data breaches that hasn’t happened over the last ten years. And I mean in in you know sort of and are modern US your world that hasn’t been affected so I think. There’s something to be said for all the benefits that technology brains. But when you look at the downsides of privacy. It’s on big corporations it’s on government policy and it’s on us as consumers to. He is protective of people’s privacy as we can that you have for a some privacy tips right. Any I think what’s really difficult and my UU relating to this when we are speaking before their conversation is that. There’s so many things in the modern world that you can’t control so your data is out there are some of the breaches that have happened.

I ever signed up for the accounts but I found out later that somebody else had gotten all of my data from a data broker. I’m all my information have been exposed to let’s get to the practical stuff right opting out of the gates so number one. You need to have a unique password for almost every account you have this is the worst news I could give you. It is going to take you hours you’re thinking to redo all of your passwords. But in them in that place where we have so many modern breaches. If you’re using your email is a log on and you’re using a consistent set of passwords for all your accounts like maybe a three password some. Then all has happened is one gets breached and then that information can be used to sign in to your bank.

T her health records so you need to have a unique password and the way you do that is nobody can remember all that stuff it doesn’t help if you write it down. You need to pass but manager. This is astle off it’s called password manager won’t work this piece of technology and yes to get you to probably pay for and it’s it’s a dead one. I if I want you there yeah. Last pass is one that we recommend and what happens is it limbs in your browser to browser extension in the chrome browser. It also lives on your phone and it’s very passer protected it can you be protected with your fingerprint. Every time you go to a web site and you sign up for a new account. It’s gonna generate a unique password and it’s gonna store that. And in every time you go back to that website because you log and one time to last past it will. Fill that password in for you right from the browser on a fill.

This is a challenge but this is the number one thing you need to do protect yourself if you do this I think you’re 90% locked down. But I think even get more concerts and he’s talking about it and yes very violent and a good cop bad cop I think it’s a good conversation that because advance the conversation I think a lot of people don’t really understand that there’s a cost to have it being so convenient there is a cost of having things right now. In the way that your Alexa you Syria or hate Google which has become the data that they’re able to collect from you. And so now we’re at that face as a nation where over finally are having that conversation people are really getting into into how and my guess is has convenience insulin now we have to wrestle with.

How much privacy mightily to give up. There are to have the conveniences and I’m currently happening I think that’s forming on the shape of water comes as a from a policy perspective good as we saw McCain and Byron. We’ve seen when Google CEO came to the hill we seeing Mark Zuckerberg came to the hill we saw our congress responded with their questions. They’re congress has yet to be up to date and really how this technology works in that we actually have politicians. To come up to speed and her how to best of man’s conversation because Californians are fast. At NASA’s everything he’s saying but now I think 2019 only looking at products have been with now policy California’s passive consumer privacy act. Right now we’re that the first statement is America to actually implement privacy acts which is not gonna force federal to figure out this federal policy major credit to a truck. The states have a they have an obvious technology companies haven’t really invested into this they were rather have a federal. Mandate in federal policy that might have all of our states with individual policies was to be a nightmare one for innovations. But it could be upon.

A two for consumers not sprain remain into our conversation she’s in our LA bureau to see you’ve been SES this week. What were executives talking about what was the buzz there this week. We’ll privacy was a big deal at CES this week and one of the things I wanted to bring up when the I phone billboard. Because that was a big deal I mean it’s and at what happens on the iPhone stays on the iPhone and I’ll know apple does care about privacy it does do a lot to protect its customers. The I was misleading because as Cindy Dallas their party app on the iPhone in your opening the doors to that company’s. Privacy settings so here no more secure using the FaceBook app on an iPhone and android or if you are part of the marry on preached. Your information wasn’t more secure because you booked on an iPhone. Person and right so what happens on your iPhone. Doesn’t stay on your iPhone. And then the and that was misleading because of that and we also we did this demo with this Samsung digital cockpit is like digital car.

That eases cellular vehicles everything technology so they can access it hasn’t hit the road it connects with other cars it connects to pedestrians using their Smartphones. And you’re connected to forgy five G as soon as you hit the road and we ask now and what they were doing to protect their customers. Privacy and they can palace house Samsung. Was keeping your data six year but since you’re connected to 145 G and that where X they can’t really speak to how their partner companies are using your data. So it goes to what Mike was saying convenience has a cost and being connected. Has it costs of these companies can tell you why you should trust them but they can’t really speak on behalf of the partner accompanying they use to stay connected. Catch remaining respect he can ask a quick question which is you know we’ve seen a lot of data breaches from Internet of things devices and I’m wondering how much you saw around the IOT. Devices coming up in Vegas. I mean almost every Booth is connected everything was how to make your home Smart airing your laundry machines Smart air your car. Here to alliance. And companion robots everything was about being connect is so it’s a future that. It it we just have to face in and like you said there’s nothing really we can do about it except knowing our risks and knowing how to protect ourselves as best we can. Got it. I’m struck by how at this high tech. Convention.

When the biggest things there was as low tech. Poster outside and bill yes I think there’s a good bye to map that what. It is or what to things that we can look forward to his or time like I’m interest and with. The technology with car chart yet how far along were in with that in. And where we had. I think we’re in there a lot about companies now are currently. Creating these incredible autonomous vehicles rice announces a matter where is a consumer trust. When it comes automation and automated vehicles and they’re more comfortable getting in there. But that does get to notion of future work because it average consumers are uncomfortable with driving cars in the role of one has asked what about the transportation industry that transports goods across our country is it more convenient for them to have automated trucks when they can deliver 24 hours seven days a week we are easy to increase. An online sales and Amazon for example and sitting in deliveries so automation really comes to impact of that. But also goes she was not happen now with Smart city so I’m curious as they remain and that came up in conversation he had a C as. In terms of how cities are that is technology in particular comes or urban development Urban Renewal situations right in terms.

However you these righteous services some cities and municipalities which are currently about one New Jersey right now. They have it set up where is that actually reconstructing. A rights share parking lot structure where cars parked. There is incentivized being at their citizens by subsidizing their right shares. And they’re saying it’s cheaper for them to do that because then they can create more development and more space in their cities to do other things again allocate the budget elsewhere. And so that is actually what technology is doing as well does make it it cities more smarter. Having city save a lot more money economically and then they can use that money to allocate. For other best these cases around any concerns the list and you talking concerns about we are creating the world.

Well the hasn’t had not strike is still technology is expensive. And they’re I would imagine there a number of communities and our country the can afford to have access this a war those means to be left behind let’s. About transportation when it comes to the digital divide because if you look at the things that are hardest for people who are below the poverty line transportation’s probably number one. And a lack of transportation prevents them from getting good jobs getting to social services getting their kids to school. So imagine that we were able to use the technology that we have for over pool to bring that to.

Getting people to work who are new back into the job force. I think that actually the opportunity. If we can leverage technology to help is there. That being said you’re so right as it stands now huge digital divide when it comes to the opportunities that are there because it’s all about money. I don’t Becky Sanders a couple of things seem to point out one within areas within tech in the event is that you guys haven’t been — to pick up popular apps like demo cat sat. Those I’ve been that active secret cache that. Hopes he underserved and under banked. For those who don’t have averaging to have a banking account or credit union they can use cash separate transactions. Images I mentioned restaurants are not going past this and there’s some are even food trucks.

I don’t think in cash apps is helping though say connected Mac about I know. I had an experience that’s a long ago New York resident buying lunch my daughter and I and I go to page and they see SARS sort of take cash yes excuse me. Don’t take ketchup had like three for time she process what pop. Yeah we don’t take care shocked about that like I like being able to. For those days are ending. That yes they are. That’s its that’s a trend that’s where we’re trending and I’m like you I still elect he’s had Iceland despite my cartoon as well but there is on the broadcast. But right here that you bought it and really NG and desire of my name rams curious what your thoughts are to Becky. Without his intelligentsia are going nozzle face recognition variety of people are really sad about face recognition in the — and as of this unlocking and the meanings are much iPhone you can use your face on market iphones the only your passwords or your thumb print to adjust your face. But there are some dangerous and a constant act mind there are some municipalities are currently using police databases to input mug shots and individuals. In order to put into this system voters recognition under the guise.

Better policing and better detection for from a thinking cats. Well we ought to know what population that can actually have adverse effect on hand as people of color. Who are overly marginalize and it comes to the commode justice system. But one way that also to AI official accusing can help is in the business community it’s a lot of indigenous communities are advocating for more opportunities and face recognition and set in their faces can be a little bit and so there are a lot of cases that women and children who have gone missing and they believe that AI can help with that when it comes in disease community so again. As Becky has been discussing there are pros and times two a into technology. Now we’re gonna have some fun with technology is second bout but before we go their picket to. Two things we highlight force quickly. If you think you’ve been hacked there there’s a place she can go right. Almost every ones. There’s what really say he extended that point I mean who doesn’t shop at target move.

Doesn’t have you know main inanimate has a Linkedin account or an Adobe account but when you think of all of the huge go to the marry a you know there’s so many breaches that have happened. That if it was a then diagram you’re probably in somewhere Ayman like all of them that it wasn’t called how I’d been honed. That’s really interest you put your web your email address in the when used to sign up for all your accounts and then you’re looking right here on the screen at all the accounts where. That that data breaches expose my name formation. Some of these I have no idea what they’re even from some of those are well as as mentioning earlier from data brokers who sold my information. To someone else third party marketers. So it’s it’s a good thing to do. To see there’s not much you can do once you realize the up. My aunt information somewhere on the dark web except to realize that you do need to have one of those unique passwords in the motivate you to sign up for last passing goes been a little time you talk about web connections right that your concerns there. Well it’s it’s safer in my opinion I think that encryption. Has gotten better.

One thing that’s interesting to me is people ask me is it seems to bank on my phone. And what I tell people is is probably safer to bank on your phone and then a lot of other places over Wi-Fi certainly over public Wi-Fi. The cellular communications are in crypt in. And so eat you’re not exposing your data as you trans meant your exposure points in the paint points for customers and and consumers. His reeling with these big data breaches were company servers can get hacked. Pass code on your phone. Face ID yes fingerprint. To have good this is your weakest point is security rate here you lose this thing and there’s no passcode on the forget about it trouble. Our let’s take a look at the highlights. CES 2019. This is that you hear us. Scream it. And free air.

What here at the ballot. In an electric Alan object this in the future I can’t like an American air in. I persevered and notice about the cars that get picked me up as soon as a demon. It’s all been in a situation where it’s expected and we get a little Ozzie god for too long we’ve got incorporated now will be followed driver. So there’s cameras that are built into the actual cockpit itself couple noticed. The question to get drowsy. Animals and audible and visual list in the car continue to get violent all my wearable. I can’t LT and are perfectly to create this. Radical mauling experience working a lot of hurt flexible displays like anything. William is an aware. Wonderful film but let her lead is is the start for the believe you category electronics in them the the clothing. And displays and it does look like a tablet and win in the world and I. And then yeah call. Wow.

First our premiere we are all jealous yet he’s got. I tell us for your perspective what was the best thing you saw was the worst thing you saw. I think the best thing is sovereign eight K displays because it’s so incredible I felt like I was standing in front of a bear. But I know Henry attentive and be that excited about it because of what happened with 3-D TVs where there just wasn’t and it’s three content and it was kind of flopped. There isn’t that much eight K contact out there so I don’t think will actually be seeing. Those in our homes really anytime soon or at least not actually in eight K here vote on other thing we thought I was very cool as a full mobile phone and an ice hockey and in the plane fits or not she was cool. But the actual phone was a little clunky and a glitch she and it took awhile to transition from a tablet phone. So I think it’s exciting what they can do with flexible displays but I don’t know that that phone.

Was necessarily it. Now that first thing we saw the videos like freakish little children think what it won’t fat book about it. Not a picnic. I’m glad you laugh at it than there are tons of companion and I can’t see asked and these are specifically for children they can go to school with and their educational. Exposed to be a Powell to hear children. But they hasn’t displayed like its army of robot children singing nursery rhymes it was terrifying an unsettling. And there is another companion robot fighting get to see in person. And while hello yeah it’s rise creepy. The epic solos in the harsh and again it can among. Well while lever yeah. Exactly true. What you’ll see there they got you most excited that he’s you’d be finalists interest I think one point and the fact that Reynoso says about the AK TVs it’s it’s interesting looking at the product cycle from CES. So I’ll use a led four KTVs which.

This Christmas they came out about four years ago in CS four and a half years ago. Really beautiful technology. But it’s taken until this Christmas that I felt comfortable recommending them to consumers the price is it finally come out in the stratosphere. They didn’t they kind of evened out does signal processing is and they started to look really good consistently. It takes about four or five years for the products were seeing at CES to really get there for the consumer. So this isn’t a look at the future. Not even a bigger as our sincere in terms that content right sometimes it is and the kinds as being created. That an AK television and will be best for and councilwoman face number five G that the new Basra right now but this still not enough technology to advance and they. And icons inside.

Where uprising we can be supported when it comes that even for K right and so today at this point you’re definitely right germs but. It is ago it was almost an auto show Friday out of auto show and was it is really cool cars that never actually get made Gorazde but is kind of like that exact same game but it is cool to see. What people are thinking about her and how to think and it through. And we Iran’s possible yes and what what I’m really hoping as possible we saw a little bit in that video of the full lean meat. Which has been promoted for years as the automated. Close to folding device that will take your laundry and dean you like big gap.

Style I folded shirts so let me know what it is fantastic as we all want it to beat. Sat I wasn’t that impressed actually and that video I went to see it I mean it’s. The thousand dollars it’s a thigh is a me big laundry machine he’s still to put the shirts in a certain way so it’s not really alleviating the work that much considering the price and the size of it. But I remember when my kids were younger and they complain we don’t have a dishwasher so that’s why have you got hit. I sorry as we as we wrap up your closing thoughts from Los Angeles about what you saw. It’s CS this year and and and what the future looks.

Yeah I mean act like my was saying fine she was also a big topic it’s the first big evolution and wireless infrastructure in almost a decade. But they’re still you know devices need ten B five. And then curved in flexible displays. Thank you so much Mike your your clothes and books as there mile same terms a conversation they I think it was interesting that remain are really highlighted a companion and I. From a psychological effect I think we’re getting to see where Americans are consumers art in general and our relationship to technology. Racks and give me a human characteristics. To technology in a really interesting way that I’m curious to see where we’re gonna head from a psychological standpoint from a Pulitzer.

Because we have an opinion ai I was reading articles or individual he actually Mary that. In a formal setting his companion a there is this new relationship another happening with our devices and our home when we say hey seriously Alexi Google there is this enter acts as happening ours I bit my best friend’s house recently and has a daughter wanted to sell me dance performance and his wife. Do start asking that elects a distance play this song. And on Q and on demand you know my friends aren’t just are dancing and have a good time so is this it’s a part of the national fabric of family is now as I’m really curious about that and I’m thinking about this movie that came out what maybe 56 years ago I think was caught her her.

And we thought it was why old Adam. Creepy and weird and he was having missed companionship. With this phone but now we’re actually are seeing it was 567 years later is here. I think the next wave an event is going to be conversation a guide and companion an act while speculative a less we’re. It’s wild that voice has really driven so much of the evolution of consumer technology in our homes. And we’re really seeing that we’re just on the forefront of that. You know but I think that technology is at a really interesting point where it’s not so much about gadgets but it’s about real life implications real life changes. And hopefully helping as many people is as we can with technology. Becky Worley Mike muse and remain who’ve I think you also much and to thank you guessing what you have a good day.

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